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Admission for session 2013-14 will be starts from 5th Feb'2014.


FA-1 will be starts from 15th May 2014.


Summer vacation will be starts from 24/05/2014 and school will reopen on 17/06/2014.


From the Chairman’s Desk

From Principal’s Desk

Ratnesh_PhotoFor any parent, the choice of a school for their child’s education is a major task. It involves consideration of numerous factors: from how good an academic education will be provided, to the quality of the pastoral and caring systems, to the range of extracurricular activities provided to extend and enrich the curriculum experienced by the students in the school. A good school, one that warrants consideration by thoughtful and perceptive parents, is one that provides richness for all areas of a child’s education and, as has been externally verified.
As a new academy, we are committed to improve the education that we provide to all     ReadMore…
UDIS Hajipur is an Academic and Residential Community created with a vision of shaping young minds through creation of a nurturing & friendly educational environment. Our mission is to make learning a joyful experience and nurture the young minds to aspire for high levels of excellence and get them prepared for the real world outside. Our vision is to strive for academic achievement through enquiry, problem solving, learning within a holistic educational environment. We are committed to preservance of traditional Indian values & culture without ignoring the global perspective. All our faculty members are dedicated towards the growth and development of all our students believing each one of them is unique and need individual attention and care. We look forward to an effective partnership between parents and School through regular interaction. Readmore…

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